Here is everything you need to know about our excursion to the National Arborteum.

Where and what

National Arboretum!   We will play in the fabulous acorn playground, enjoy morning tea overlooking amazing views of Canberra’s natural landscapes, take a delightful guided preschool tour of the trees – looking for birds, spiders, insects, nests and other fascinating things – before heading back inside to hear a special story and explore the enchanting bonsai garden.

We’ll also have our morning tea and lunch in various picturesque spots at the arboretum. After lunch we’ll even get to stretch out and have our rest time in the Terrace Room or under some shady trees, before we head out to play and explore again.


Date as per our email sent to families.

Timings and transport

Families are asked to bring their children directly to the Arboretum.  Click for directions   

Please bring your child and their bag to the Village Centre (dome-shaped building next to the acorn playground) between 8:15am and 8:30am. 

One of the teachers will welcome you there, you can sign in and be given your child’s red sun hat.  If you are running late, please ring the GAP mobile on 0481 590 656.

Pick up is at the same spot at 2:30pm at the Village Centre building at the Arboretum.


Excursion fees cover any tour guide or entry fees, and are added to your statement on the day of the excursion.  This excursion is approximately $15 per child.

What to bring

Please pack all your child’s belongings in one backpack (clearly labeled with their name) that he/she can carry across bumpy terrain by himself/herself.  Please pack a water bottle, morning tea and a separate lunch, which can easily be eaten as a picnic at the arboretum.  It can be windy (and cold in winter) at the top of the hill at the arboretum, so dress appropriately. Jackets are almost always needed.

Staff and parent volunteers

There will be three or more GAP teachers/director supervising this excursion.

If the excursion is changed to involve travel on a bus or crossing a major road, then parent volunteers will be needed.   Parents who stay the day to help out can have their parking fees reimbursed by Spielwelt.  Siblings are allowed on this excursion with their volunteer parent, as long as we maintain our proper supervision ratio.  We would maintain a 4:1 ratio of children:adults for this excursion.  (A class of 22 children would require 6 adults.)


Please sign the Excursion Permission Form when you drop off your child on the day of the excursion.

We are looking forward to an exciting excursion!