Your first day

We very much look forward to welcoming your child to GAP.  It is an exciting step for you child and family.

Before you come to GAP every day, ensure your child has a good breakfast, and apply their sunscreen.  In the early days, it is helpful to talk in positive terms about what will happen at GAP and what the drop off and pick up routines will look like.

At GAP, our work is playing, and a large part of everyday is spent outdoors.  We will be playing with sand, mud, paint, plants, water, natural objects, slime and other great stuff.  Choose clothes that are easy to wash.

Children are encouraged to develop their self-sufficiency skills at GAP, so choosing clothing which is easy for your child to take on and off when they move indoors/outdoors or go to the toilet is very helpful.

Please plan to stay for 20-30 minutes on the first day, for your mandatory orientation / safety tour (as per our licensing requirements), to finalise any documentation, and help stow your child’s food, water bottle, hat, jacket, spare clothing and any other belongings.  Bedding and teddies are supplied by the GAP, but your child may wish to bring their own teddy for rest time.

What to bring every day

Every day, children will need to bring:
* water bottle (full; just water, no juice) in a bottle no larger than 7cm diameter (the bottle should fit in our water wagon).
* morning tea.
* lunch (this can be packed in with morning tea, or separately).
* a bag or backpack to hold all their belongings.
* children need to wear clothing which adequately covers their shoulders from the sun (a frill above a shoulder is not an adequate sleeve).
* a complete set of spare clothes in their backpack is recommended.
*  in Terms 2 and 3, easy-to-put-on indoor slippers (Hausschuhe), to be left at GAP.
* from May to August, a winter hat.
* if your child has special sunscreen, please bring one to leave at the GAP, with your child’s name on.
* any cuddly toy your child needs for rest time (most children use one of ours if they want one, and some children have a favourite they bring every day.)

Your items (food containers inc lids, water bottle, hats, jackets, jumpers) need to be clearly labelled with YOUR CHILD’s name or at least the FAMILY name.

We would love for you to write your child’s name or initials on their shoes, boots and slippers.

A smiley face inside their shoes can help children avoid confusing left and right, and ending up with ‘Bananafuessen’

What we supply

The GAP supplies each child with a sun-smart hat.

Rest time bedding is also provided by the GAP.  The bedding is washed regularly by a parent volunteer, however staff will let you know if your child’s bedding becomes particularly soiled or wet and needs a wash straight away.

What not to bring

If children bring toy weapons, noisy toys, battery-operated toys, stickers, or “landfill toys” (little plastic toys that break easily or are only of interest for a couple of days), they will be kindly asked to leave these items in their bags as these are not in line with our playschool values and environmentally-conscious teaching.

Make note of our phone number

The Director can be reached on the GAP mobile 0481 590 656 if you are running late to collect your child.


We are very much looking forward to a wonderful year with your child at GAP.